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Fame – General Purpose Adhesive / GPA # 1

- GENERAL PURPOSE ADHESIVE is an air drying water based polymeric, fast setting non-brittle coating and bonding adhesive in emulsion state. The product has numerous industrial and commercial applications; for bonding, fixing, laminating, coating, sizing etc. covering a wide range of substrates. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-staining and starch free. The dried film is invisible turning out to be a neat and clean bond maintaining the sanitary appearance wherever applied. The product when dried is oil & solvent proof, mildew, non-fungal and micro-organisms growth resistant. The film properties enhance after complete drying (4-5 days) and bond strength improves further by passage of time. In order to give the users a better choice and understanding depending upon their utilities and economic aspects, there are three grades available as characterized below:-.

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-1091 SUPER TACK ADHESIVE is a fast setting synthetic rubber based adhesive (solution) formulated with essential Resins for bonding all types of fibrous and non-fibrous insulation materials to G.I., Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Wood, Concrete, Asbestos Sheets and numerous other substrates including polystyrene..

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Fame – 2050 Clear Sealer Special # 3

- 2050 CLEAR SEALER is a solvent based Vinyl/Acrylic Tri-Polymer lacquer formulated to suit Industrial, Commercial and Domestic utilities; to repair, to protect metal objects/welded seams/joints from rusting/corrosion/atmospheric conditions, to fill up & seal minute pores/pinholes/hair line cracks and leakages/seepages of liquids/oxidizing gases from top/bottom seams of metal cans/drums etc. It has excellent adhesion to numerous types of substrates both porous and non porous. The product when applied after drying turns out to be a clear, transparent and strongly bonded tough but non-cracking, water proof, weather, U/V, shock, impact and abrasion resistant glossy film. .

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Fame -2053 Clear Sealer Staple Pin Grade # 4

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Fame-2060 UNI-Bond Adhesive # 5

- 2060 Uni-bond Adhesive is an Acrylic-Latex co-polymer formulated primarily for use in CIVIL CONSTRUCTION field as an ideal admixture compatible with all types of OPC, SRC or high alumina cements to suit tropical conditions guaranteed to perform highly efficiently. This has effective plasticizing action in cement mortar facilitating convenient application in varying dosages. The product performs as an integral water proofing system completely saving “steel” the core element from rust/corrosion by way of forming continuous films and strands; and strong bond between particles of cement and sand. Uni-bond besides increasing wear, tear and abrasion resistance makes the concrete and mortar surfaces resistant to weathering, chemicals, salt & alkalies making the product highly recommendable for water logged, coastal areas, waste water ponds, canals, tanks, reservoirs, saline and effluent drains.  To avoid rapid loss of water and minimizing hydration use of      Uni-bond is beneficial.

UNI-BOND ADHESIVE  has numerous Industrial & Commercial applications for Bonding, Pasting, Coating, Labeling, Sizing, Lamination, Textiles, Lamination, Heat Sealing etc as a soft binder to suit many surfaces.  It is an ideal adhesive to bond wood, chip/hard board, card board, bricks, tiles, stone aggregates, metals, fabrics, polystyrene/thermopore, plastics. .

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Fame - 2062 SBR Latex # 6

- 2062 SBR LATEX in emulsion state containing styrene, butadiene rubber latex, preservatives, Stabilizers And Anti Oxidants Specially Formulated To Suit Numerous Industrial And Commercial Applications Such As;  Old To New Surface Bonding Agent, Cement Admixture, Water Proofing And Bonding Strength Of Cement Plaster, Gunite Mortar Application, Increased Adhesive Strength When Mortar Used As Tile Adhesive, As An Excellent Water Proof And Weather Resistant Adhesive For Paper & Board Packaging, Auto & Indusrial Filters Mfg. Etc. The Product Has Excellent Adhesion On Cement, Most Metals, Wood, Paper, Cloth, Plastics Etc. 
  - 2062 SBR LATEX when used with concrete, controls the internal micro-stress & provide resistance from abrasion, deterioration, moisture/chlorine/oxygen penetration, carbonation effect, reduce shrinkage & concrete bleed. It improves water proofing, bond strength & intermolecular adhesion resulting increased physical properties of conventional concrete, protects steel from corrosion in concrete structures and seals/retards formation of voids & cracks.
Specially recommended for Old to New Concrete Bonding & Resurfacing of Old/Damaged Structure.

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Fame - 2070 Dextrasive # 7

- 2070 DEXTRASIVE is a Dextrin Starch water based, viscous, pasty, adhesive having high tackiness useful for numerous kinds of labeling and pasting jobs. The product is comparatively economical and safe in use. The viscosity of the product can be adjusted depending upon ultimate use, method of application and type of substrate to be bonded. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and perfectly safe in handling..

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