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Fame – Vinyl Compound "Plastisol" # 1

-1081 & 1082  a low viscosity thixo-tropic black paste of  PVC Polymer/Plasticizer dispersions suitable for self leveling applications..

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  -2020/2021 POLYMERIC CAULK SEALANT – SOFT SEAL is a Co-Polymer adhesive sealant of dense consistency forming a soft gaskety seal at room temperature curing (RTC). It is most useful rather excel in performance against silicones where air/gas-tight, water proof, oil proof, dilute acid resistance, vapour barrier, weather resistant, temperature resistance, U/V rays and fungal/micro- organisms resistant protective seal is required. Fully cured bead/layer  has above 200% elongation. The product has excellent adhesion on metals, wood, paper, cloth, plastics, glass, polystyrene, PU foams, thermopore, glass wool insulation, masonry, R.C.C., marble etc. The product doest not emit toxic fumes making it possible to safely work in enclosed areas. The surface can be painted over.
An excellent seam sealant in Building expansion joints sealing, crack filling, thermal insulation, non-cracking & shock absorbing capabilities.. .

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Fame – 2030 Flexi-Gum # 3

-2030 FLEXI-GUM is a an elastomeric sticky nature non-flammable, non-toxic, weather resistant, water proof, fire retardant, non corrosive, U/V resistant, non-cracking and elastic insulant sealant. It is very effective where Air/Gas tight, non-cracking and non-shrink seal is required. It possess superior cohesion, tack and elongation properties. It adheres to every substance/surface such as concrete, metals, plastics, wood, cloth, paper, board, polyurethane foams, glass etc. except silicone. FLEXI-GUM has excellent expansion and contraction properties. The product can be used again and again. Duct/Expansion joints/gaps so sealed with FLEXI-GUM alone can be removed very easily, whenever required.

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Fame -2040 Sealing Compound # 4

-2040 SEALING COMPOUND is a thick pasty product blend of Polymers, Resins and Rubber inheriting  excellent water & oil proofing properties designed to adhere to numerous substrates such as metals, plastics, polystyrene, wood, ceramic, cement plaster, concrete, masonry, stone, marble etc. The product is air drying, however when cured on heat the properties greatly enhance in composite assemblies in engineering, automobile and automotive filters manufacturing. When perfectly dried the seal/layer so obtained is tough but flexible, water & oil proof,  non-cracking, vapour barrier, saline/salty, sub-soil water, dilute acids & alkaly resistant..

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Fame-2050 Clear Sealer Special # 5

- 2050 CLEAR SEALER SPECIAL is a solvent based Vinyl/Acrylic Tri-Polymer lacquer formulated to suit Industrial, Commercial and Domestic utilities; to repair, to protect metal objects/welded seams/joints from rusting/corrosion/atmospheric conditions, to fill up & seal minute pores/pinholes/hair line cracks and leakages/seepages of liquids/oxidizing gases from top/bottom seams of metal cans/drums etc. It has excellent adhesion to numerous types of substrates both porous and non porous. The product when applied after drying turns out to be a clear, transparent and strongly bonded tough but non-cracking, water proof, weather, U/V, shock, impact and abrasion resistant glossy film. .

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