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Fame – 1012 Nozzie Sealling Compound

- NOZZLE LINING COMPOUND  is a Rubber Latex based product formulated for sealing of round metal/tin cans. When applied on to bottoms/tops by Nozzle Lining Machine or nozzle tipped can and fully cured in the  room temperature or in an air circulatory oven provides an airtight gasket within the top and bottom seam preventing leakage/seepage of the products filled. In order to give the users a better choice and understanding depending upon the utilities and economic aspects, there are three grades available, as characterized below:-.

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-1030 Drum Sealing Compound Is A Rubber Latex Based Product Formulated For Sealing Of Metallic Drums/Barrels During Fabrication Operation. When Applied On To Bottoms/Tops By Brush Or  Lining Machine And Fully Cured In The  Room Temperature Or In An Air Circulatory Oven Provides An Airtight Double Seam Gasket Within The Top And Bottom Seams Preventing Leakage/Seepage Of The Contents Filled In.  This Is A Versatile Product Suitable To Pack Almost All Types Of Products Such As Paints, Varnishes, Lacquors, Emulsions, Edible/Lubricating Oils,  Processed Foods, Milk, Jams/Jellies, Syrupy/Juicy Hot Filled Products, Insecticides/ Pesticides, Common Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Aviation Fuels & Other Prducts Of Highly Technical/Aggresive Nature..

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-- 1071 STANDARD 
   Economical glue for porous surfaces. Glass bottle labeling, pasting paper labels on paper/board products, book binding, box board, card board, husk board, chipboard, cellophane/gelatin paper etc.
   It is a co-polymer product having fast setting properties suitable for various porous surfaces. Most effective on wood, hard board, chip board, card board, paper pasting, leather, glass etc. The product remains unaffected by weather/climatic conditions.
The product is a tri-polymer added with tackifiers making it perfectly fit to be used equally on porous and non-porous surfaces. Suitable for bonding, coating, sizing, pasting insulation attachments and lamination jobs. It has excellent adherence properties including plastics, polystyrene, styropore (thermopore) etc. The film/bond when dried fully is weather resistant, water proof, oil/solvent proof, dilute acirds/alkalies resistant, mildew resistant, non-fungal, non-cracking, resisting intermittent temperatures between 3 ºC to 90 ºC, soft and washable. For HVACR applications perfectly fit for bonding/cementing laps and sizing for canvas/glass/asbestos cloth or any other type of fabric covering over thermal insulations. The product is ideally suited in civil construction, engineering, wood working, paper packaging where an excellent bonding properties are desirable :-.

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Fame-Vinyl Compound " Plastisol"

- 1081 - a high viscosity thixo-tropic black paste of  PVC Polymer/Plasticizer dispersions suitable for self leveling moulding applications meant for the manufacture of automotive air filters at temperature between 150 ºC  to 190 ºC for 10-20 minutes depending upon of thickness of the layer, without the use of metal top/bottom parts.

 - 1082 - The product is identical to above but quite suitable to make soft gaskety seals bearing shore hardness 32º±2 for hot & cold water, oil, fuel, diesel and solvent proof, resistant to temperature up to 350 ºC, acids, alkalies, u/v light; vapor barrier & insulation/bad conductor of electricity applications..

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Fame - 1086 Vinyl Adhesive Compound

-1086 is a high viscosity thixotropic PVC polymer-plasticizer dispersion paste suitable to be used as an adhesive to bond paper with Tin/Zinc coated steel in the manufacture of automotive filters. .

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Fame – 2040 Sealing Compound

-2040 SEALING COMPOUND is a thick pasty product blend of Polymers, Resins and Rubber inheriting  excellent water & oil proofing properties designed to adhere to numerous substrates such as metals, plastics, polystyrene, wood, ceramic, cement plaster, concrete, masonry, stone, marble etc. The product is air drying, however when cured on heat the properties greatly enhance in composite assemblies in engineering, automobile and automotive filters manufacturing. When perfectly dried the seal/layer so obtained is tough but flexible, water & oil proof,  non-cracking, vapour barrier, saline/salty, sub-soil water, dilute acids & alkaly resistant..

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Fame - 2042 Sealing Adhesieve Paste

-2042 SEALING ADHESIVE PASTE is an air drying solvent based compound of Polymers, Resins and Rubber thick pasty product designed to provide tough gasket possessing best adhesion on plastics, polystyrene, ABS etc. specially for the manufacture of Automotive Air/Oil/Diesel/Gasoline Filters to bond Filter Paper Star with Plastic component.  The product when cured perfectly is air tight, water & oil proof, fuel and diesel resistant.. 

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Fame - 2050 Clear Sealer Special

- 2050 CLEAR SEALER is a solvent based Vinyl/Acrylic Tri-Polymer lacquer formulated to suit Industrial, Commercial and Domestic utilities; to repair, to protect metal objects/welded seams/joints from rusting/corrosion/atmospheric conditions, to fill up & seal minute pores/pinholes/hair line cracks and leakages/seepages of liquids/oxidizing gases from top/bottom seams of metal cans/drums etc. It has excellent adhesion to numerous types of substrates both porous and non porous. The product when applied after drying turns out to be a clear, transparent and strongly bonded tough but non-cracking, water proof, weather, U/V, shock, impact and abrasion resistant glossy film.  

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Fame - 2060 UNI Bond Adhesive

- 2060 Uni-bond Adhesive is an Acrylic-Latex co-polymer formulated primarily for use in CIVIL CONSTRUCTION field as an ideal admixture compatible with all types of OPC, SRC or high alumina cements to suit tropical conditions guaranteed to perform highly efficiently. This has effective plasticizing action in cement mortar facilitating convenient application in varying dosages. The product performs as an integral water proofing system completely saving “steel” the core element from rust/corrosion by way of forming continuous films and strands; and strong bond between particles of cement and sand. Uni-bond besides increasing wear, tear and abrasion resistance makes the concrete and mortar surfaces resistant to weathering, chemicals, salt & alkalies making the product highly recommendable for water logged, coastal areas, waste water ponds, canals, tanks, reservoirs, saline and effluent drains.  To avoid rapid loss of water and minimizing hydration use of      Uni-bond is beneficial. . 

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